Track tips for a supermoto noob

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    I know that a lot of you guys are experienced track riders, and some of you ride supermoto. I've read a couple of good threads about what to prepare for when planning a track day. I am planning a weekend at Mcminnville in Oregon, which includes two practice days and a race on Sunday. Never done a track day, never done a road race, very little experience on the 17" wheels. I can't afford new race tyres so will be running with the Pilot Powers I have on there. Kind of sounds like a bad idea when I describe it that way, but in my mind it's a great idea! Curious what you all would suggest as far as gearing, riding tips, mental prep, etc. Knee down, or leg out? I can't imagine dragging my knee on the dirt bike but my buddy raves about it. I'll be riding my KTM 450 EXC, with the 13/50 gearing unless that sounds like way too low. Bike will probably top out at about 90 (screaming bloody murder) with that gear ratio Thoughts?

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