No more Supermoto??

  • HI,

    I have been in the process of converting my dual sport Yamaha into a "Supermoto", just a couple years ago there were several factory SM's to choose from and now it looks like that most manufacturers have pulled their SM lineup from the U.S. market. I have thought that Supermoto's give a new rider a "cool" way to break into motorcycling without the high HP drama of Sportbikes and with a very durable and flexible package. Yamaha still offers their WR250x (they have a XT660X overseas..) and KTM has one SM but it's not a road legal machine. Husqvarna has withdrawn also?? Even Suzuki has stopped offering the DRZ400SM on their website. So it's all about the money and obviously the U.S. market has not bought in, if you think you would like to have one it's time to pop for a low mileage DRZ or Husky because they may be rare soon.

    Please help.

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